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About Us

Nexia SAB&T is a majority black owned Accounting, Audit and Consulting services business that has been operating since the birth of South Africa’s democracy in 1994. Our strength comes from the quality of personal relationships forged between our local offices, clients and our affiliation to Nexia International.

We are business minded with an entrepreneurial spirit and can relate to the small and medium sized enterprises as well as the Global corporates that we serve. Our team acts with a sense of purpose and bring ideas to help our clients develop and grow. We listen to our clients and get to know them, so we can provide tailored advice.

With a presence in all 9 provinces in SA, we have a truly South African footprint. In being a member firm of Nexia International, which is represented in over 122 countries and 727 offices around the world, we are globally connected. This allows us to access internationally minded professionals and support our local businesses in their growth and venture into international markets.


SAB&T Foundation

SABT Foundation

SAB&T Foundation Joining Hands Towards A Brighter Future

The SAB&T FOUNDATION utilises various platforms to ensure that our community and educationally driven initiatives have far reaching effects in the communities in which we operate.

The Foundation is involved in a variety of charities spanning:

  • Education,
  • Welfare & Humanitarian,
  • Social Services,
  • Sport, and
  • Zakat.

This variety of offerings encompasses; providing scholarships for previously disadvantaged learners, providing services as pro bono’s or helping build homes in Habitat for Humanity.

Welcome to Nexia SAB&T

Bashier Adam

“Nothing is impossible to a willing mind.”Bashier Adam – CEO, Nexia SAB&T

As you browse through the information on our website, I trust that you will learn more about us, about the qualities that make our firm special, from our humble beginnings to an outstanding provider of professional services – and the ideal platform to start and build your career! You will discover our commitment to the communities where we live and work, our intelligent use of technology and innovation that builds a better future and the various high-quality services we offer our customers.

We provide service with a personal touch: We have earned the trust and respect of our clients for one simple reason – we have great people. They are professionals in their fields, they bring a strong service ethos to everything they do and take pride and ownership in the projects they’re involved in.

We make a positive difference in people’s lives: We have earned a reputation for helping our clients to transform their businesses. The services we offer them, essentially keeping their business secure and more efficient. From modernising their basic accounting and payroll processes to detecting fraud. Our company has earned a reputation for creative problem solving that truly makes a difference.

We have a client first philosophy: Our intention, to ensure our clients objectives are achieved with the highest level of capability and assurance, and at the lowest possible cost. Our methodology ensures that we deliver on time and on schedule. Our clients approach us with confidence that we have the expertise to take service delivery to the next level.

We have true international reach: Our global reach means that we can support our clients with their needs. As a significant member of Nexia International, we are able to draw upon the accumulated knowledge of a global organisation. We apply the very best international insights to keep our clients at the leading edge.

We live out our values: Our corporate culture is defined by a simple set of corporate values that define how we operate every single day – Commitment, Quality, Accountability, Teamwork and Integrity. They reflect how we interact with our clients, our colleagues, and our communities.

I hope your journey through our website has provided you with more insight into Nexia SAB&T. Whether you are a potential customer, a multinational, a small business partner, or a future employee, we look forward to finding out how we can work together to bring service to life.

Latest News

Applying the 3-Stage Impairment Model to Intercompany Loans

IFRS 9 Financial Instruments became effective for periods beginning on or after 1 January 2018. IFRS 9 introduced the application of the “excpected credit loss” model which differs from the incurred loss model applied in terms of the previous standard, IAS 39 Financial Instruments. The excepted credit loss model is applicable to all financial assets subsequently measured at amortised cost or fair value through other comprehensive income. This applies to intercompany loans included in the separate financial statements.View PDF

Public Sector: Treatment of fully depreciated assets still in use (GRAP 17)

The Accounting Standards Board has during their March 2021 FAQ raised the issue surrounding fully depreciated assets still in use beyond their accounting useful life. The disclosure requirements of GRAP 3 must be applied irrespective whether the adjustment should be treated as a change in accounting estimate or an error.View PDF

The Protection of Personal Information Act (Popia) – Compliance

The South African Constitution gives every person the right to privacy, and the right to safeguarding of personal information. The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) gives effect to this right. Here is what you need to know!View PDF

“Nexia SAB&T has had a pivotal role in us building our business. They have gone further than I believe the standard role of an accountancy firm offers in helping us cope with the changes business have had to cope with during these Covid months and before that, when we went through a difficult patch in our business. Nexia SAB&T is not just a service provider but a friend and confidant to our business practice.”

“Nexia SAB&T have been our auditors for many years now. I have always found their service levels to be exceptional and advice on tax and other matters to be sound. I would recommend them without hesitation.”

“The Nexia SAB&T team are always willing to help and give sound advice. Their communication is clear and to the point and as an international Auditing and Accounting firm their professionalism shows.

Nexia SAB&T are proactive and indicate the risks, prior to them becoming a concern, and allow WWISE to manage those risks.
They have excellent customer service, are prompt with e-mails and are always willing to assist if we have a concern.”

“Nexia SAB&T auditors are a professional company with skilled and ethical teams. They have been part of the Special Investigation Unit (SIU) Co-sourced Internal Audit team for a period of 3 years, and their work and contributions are notable and commendable.

Their contribution is praised in assisting the SIU in receiving a favourable audit outcome and are applauded by management and the Audit Committee. May they continue to add value wherever they are appointed.”

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