Malta’s new platform for raising capital

Prospects is a new capital market introduced in Malta in 2016 that gives SMEs the opportunity to raise up to €5m in finance.

Prospects market gives SMEs the opportunity to raise up to €5m in finance in a simple and efficient manner through the issue of new bonds and shares.

Prospects is directly managed and regulated by the Malta Stock Exchange (MSE), which provides guidance and support to both local and international SMEs looking for admission. SMEs are assisted by an MSE-approved corporate adviser who will help provide the appropriate structures for admission to the market while ensuring compliance with transparency and corporate governance rules.

Prospects provides cost-efficient access to capital for international companies, even those without a presence in Malta. Companies must satisfy certain eligibility criteria before embarking on the admission process and submitting the necessary documentation. The admission process usually takes between 4 and 12 weeks.

Prospects offers benefits to both investors and SMEs, as company capital can be generated against a low admission fee while increasing brand value and improving visibility in the market. Investors can be confident that investee companies are following transparency and good governance principles, and they get to participate in the huge growth potential of SMEs with an easy exit route through the trading of securities on a regulated platform.

For more information, contact:

Mr Luke Cann
Nexia BT, Malta
T: +356 2163 7778