B-BBEE Certificate


When BEE Level 1clients are looking for a firm that understand their needs and ‘speaks the language of their industry’ Nexia SAB&T’s value base of being a partner led service, provides a trail blazing example to follow.

With Nexia SAB&T being a solidly black-owned, JSE accredited, audit and business advisory firm and part of Nexia International – the 8th largest global network of leading independent accounting and business advisory firms; it’s no wonder that our client base is growing and expanding to include many multi-nationals and government entities. Our firm has been ranked a LEVEL 1 B-BBEE contributor over the last few years and we continue to uphold this transformation.

Our 38 Directors, along with their management teams, draw on their experience and global resources, to help navigate change, bolster investor confidence, and strengthen the value of the business’ we work with.

At Nexia SAB&T, we believe in the power of personal relationships. We collaborate with you to identify your business issues so that the solutions we develop are exactly what you need.

Nexia SAB&T’s commitment to stimulating economic growth is evident through the services it offers its clients as well as being an employer and training institute for young graduates, in all nine provinces of South Africa. Our teams consist of people with the skillset and knowledge to take on the challenges facing our clients and work on personalised solutions. Our people are committed, flexible and understanding but are also independent and tough minded. They are resolute in maintaining the highest levels of confidentiality, professionalism, and independence.

With Nexia SAB&T’s founder, Bashier Adam, serving on the Board of Directors and Chairman of the EMEA Region of Nexia International, our South African based firm is now capturing the emerging markets in Africa and the Middle East.

Ready access to a dedicated director on every engagement, puts Nexia SAB&T in an ideal position to continue to assist its clients and demonstrate our guiding principle of being “Closer to you, from the ground up.”