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Nexia SAB&T is a member of Nexia, a leading, global network of independent accounting and consulting firms, providing a comprehensive portfolio of audit, accountancy, tax and advisory services.

Nexia works with its member firms leveraging strength across the network and enabling the delivery of global solutions by member firms to their clients.

Nexia’s continued success is what lies at the heart of the network: international knowledge, proven experience and enduring relationships. This is reflected in Nexia’s brand promise ‘Closer to you’. When you choose a Nexia member firm, you get a more responsive, more personal, partner-led service wherever you are in the world.

Nexia brand values

Nexia is proud of what it delivers for its member firms and how it helps them to meet their clients’ needs. This characterises the strength of relationships, the diversity of the international network and the unrivalled connections.

The network’s values define what it stands for and underpin its promise to be ‘Closer to you’.

We build enduring relationships

Nexia’s strength comes from the quality of personal relationships forged between member firms, and by member firms with their clients.

This ensures greater trust, responsiveness and more effective delivery. Member firms communicate openly and clearly, which means there are no surprises when you work with a Nexia member firm. You are always supported by the right team with an experienced partner on every assignment, who is available for you. This helps member firms to think beyond the current assignment and invest in building long-term relationships.

We are business-minded

Our member firms are characterised by people who have an entrepreneurial spirit and who can relate closely to the small and medium sized enterprises and owner-managed businesses they serve.

Our member firms think like business people, acting with a sense of purpose and bringing ideas to help their clients to develop and grow.

They spend time listening so that they know you and are able to provide tailored advice, based on their deep understanding.

We are globally connected

Our member firms are internationally minded, focused on supporting local companies as they grow and help their clients to venture confidently into new international markets. They will connect you with the right people and deliver local accounting, tax, economic and market knowledge around the world.

Our global structure

Nexia and Nexia International refer to the global network of member firms of Nexia International Limited or to one or more member firms or their affiliates.
Nexia International Limited, a company registered in the Isle of Man, coordinates the Nexia International network. It does not provide services to clients.

Nexia International Limited and each member firm are separate and independent legal entities, each of which is responsible for its own acts, omissions or liabilities and not those of any other member of the Nexia International network. For more information, visit www.nexia.com.

Nexia International Corporate Brochure

Our World in Numbers

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“The enduring relationships we have with our clients, our teams and each member throughout our global network is a core value of Nexia and a hall mark of Nexia’s success.”

Ian Stone, Chair, Nexia International

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Nexia International Corporate Brochure 2021