Transparency Report

Transparency reports generally contain information relating to legal structure and ownership, governance structure, internal quality control system, quality assurance, education and independence practices, firm revenue information, partner remuneration and lists of PIE (public interest entity) audit clients.

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2023 – Transparency Report

Transparency Report (PDF 1600KB)

The Nexia SAB&T 2023 Transparency Report highlights our growth and impact within the national professional landscape. Anchored in our theme, ‘Pragmatically Fearless’, we embrace adversity as an unbounded challenge, continually surpassing expectations. The report emphasizes our commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors, focusing on empowering the disadvantaged through the SAB&T Foundation. Our pride lies in supporting emerging professionals and leveraging technology for our upward trajectory. Our robust client relationship management underscores our dedication to upholding professional standards. At Nexia SAB&T, being ‘Pragmatically Fearless’ isn’t just a motto; it’s our driving force.

2022 – Transparency Report

When one considers the history of Nexia SAB&T, we are proud of the growth that we have been able to achieve together with the contribution we have made to the profession in South Africa over the years. Our 2022 Transparency Report highlights key strategies that have been put in place to ensure that we produce quality results for our clients and key partners.

2021 – Transparency Report

Nexia SAB&T remains committed to strengthening our culture of quality – the cornerstone of our network. The pace of digitalisation has been accelerated, along with our ongoing efforts to build new systems and tools to support our firms. As the risk spectrum grows ever more complex and wider, we have continued the expansion of our policies, monitoring and reporting, to ensure that all our offices continue to develop our systems and bolster our economic recovery and long-term resilience.

Our CSR still remains focussed on empowering and uplifting those that are not able to help themselves, with an added involvement in Covid Relief initiatives.

2020 – Transparency Report

Nexia SAB&T’s 2020 Transparency report, leads with transparency and ensures that both our employees and public expectations are appropriately set and fulfilled. With our clear, open, and transparent communication,  assumptions are dispelled.

This years report deals with our focus on the structure of our firm and the way in which this affords staff and clients the ability to learn and grow. During this time of change there are some things that remain the same.

  • We’re committed to driving a strong culture of quality.
  • Our core purpose – being ‘closer to you.’