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IFRS 16 Lease modifications

The last few months forced many entities to renegotiate lease terms and review their current lease agreements – the question arises how and when to account for a new lease when the lease terms and/or lease payments have changed, or where it was determined that it is not a new lease but a lease modification.View PDF

IFRS 7 Financial instrument disclosures

Despite being effective since 2007, entities often misinterpret the most basic requirements of IFRS 7. This tip deals with what‘s “HOT” and what’s “NOT” when it comes to disclosure of the significance of financial instrument for an entity’s financial position and performance.View PDF

8 Things you need to know about online advertising policies

The Advertising Policies apply to (1) ads and commercial content served by or purchased through Facebook, on or off the Facebook services, including ads purchased under AAAA/IAB Standard Terms and Conditions, (2) ads appearing within apps on Facebook, and (3) ads on Instagram. Your use of Facebook’s advertising products and services is part of “Facebook” […]