The Management and Business Consultancy unit of Nexia SAB&T provides consulting services to both the private and public sectors. In pursuit of service excellence, services are driven by the client’s needs with a view towards building long-term partnerships.  Services offered include the following:

Asset Management

Nexia SAB&T provide a complete and reliable service in the management of assets. This service includes the compilation of an asset register, identifying of the assets and their value, tracking of assets and reporting on the asset environment of clients.

Business Improvement / Process Re-engineering

Business Performance is a series of business processes and applications that provide the basis for execution of a business strategy. In today’s times businesses need to be more efficient, transparent i.e. reduce risks, improve business performance, minimise costs and enhance revenue. Nexia SAB&T understand the “business of business” and “driving forces of process” and as such are able to assist clients to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their company’s operations.

Business Process Outsourcing

This entails the outsourcing by entities of various functions such as asset management, supply chain management, human resource function, finance function, non-core functions or projects, which the entity may not be able to deliver on with the resources that it has.

Change Management

Nexia SAB&T provides change management agents, who monitor change initiatives at entities, to ensure they meet the envisaged objectives on time and remain within budget. Our agents focus on the human aspect of change, which includes changes to business processes, systems, technologies, job roles and organisational structures.

Change management strategies and plans are developed to maximise employee adoption, while minimising resistance to change. Use of change agents results in faster adoption, higher ultimate utilisation to increase benefit realisation, value creation and return on investment.

Change managers may also act as coaches for senior management and executives by providing support during the change adoption process.

Corporate and Asset Valuations

In recent years, the traditional large accounting firms have come under increasing scrutiny with regard to their real and perceived independence in providing non-audit services to audit clients.

This has led to these firms having to introduce time-consuming and costly global “conflict checks” prior to accepting any valuation engagement, resulting in longer engagement turnaround times and higher fees for valuations. Often, these firms are prohibited from accepting an engagement due to an existing relationship with an associated or group company. This has led to a demand for high-quality valuations services from independent firms. In response to this demand, Nexia SAB&T has established a specialist valuations practice, comprising experts who have significant specialist valuation experience.

Nexia SAB&T has also been accredited by the Johannesburg Securities Exchange (JSE) as a firm that has met the quality standards set by them to arrive at fair and reasonable opinions.

Donor Fund Management

There are numerous organisations which undertake projects in South Africa by means of donating funds. Nexia SAB&T have successfully conducted many assignments for various donor funding organisations and government organisations and therefore hold a wealth of experience in this sector.

Due Diligence Investigations

The scope of these investigations depend on the scenario for which it is required (e.g. mergers or acquisitions) and the risk, size and scale of the transaction. Nexia SAB&T’s detailed work plan covers the following areas: statutory information, operational, financial, tax, human resources, information technology, and company strategy.

Financial Management Support

Nexia SAB&T assist entities to achieve their operational objectives. Such activities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Assistance with clearing of audit queries
  • Debtors control, budget control, reconciliation and clearing of suspense accounts
  • Development and reconciliation of asset registers
  • Development of standard charts of account
  • Outsourcing of the financial function
  • Payroll, PAYE & VAT reconciliations
  • Policy and procedure design and implementation
  • Preparation of Annual Financial Statements including performing reconciliations and preparing audit files

Human Capital Optimisation

Nexia SAB&T provide a comprehensive human resource service to clients. This service amongst others include the evaluation of staff, determining the skills set needed by incumbents, performance management, coaching and mentoring, human resource planning and re-alignment and business process outsourcing.

Legal Services / Industrial Relations Consulting

Nexia SAB&T provide consulting and advisory services to clients across a wide spectrum of legal spheres.

Organisational Development

Nexia SAB&T’s organisational developers work with clients to streamline their structures and plan for future development of their entity. They provide information and an external perspective on what the entity needs.

Organisational development consists of three aspects: structure, personnel and procedure.

Structural organisational developers analyse entity structures and responsibilities to determine reporting lines for the various business components, the amount of time various business activities take and who is responsible for each function.

Organisational development consultants who specialise in personnel matters interview employees to identify how their job descriptions tie to the activities they actually perform.

Procedural organisational developers observe employees, conduct walk-throughs of processes to identify potential bottle-necks and the various contact points within processes.

Ultimately the client is presented with a detailed report and a set of recommendations which may include: restructuring, changing reward systems, provision of training and education, retrenchment, or changes in business focus.

Probity investigations

Nexia SAB&T provides probity services during procurement and vetting processes.

Procurement Management

Nexia SAB&T assist in both the private and public sectors in the provision of a complete and comprehensive procurement services. This includes the compilation of terms of reference, preparation of budgets, sourcing of technical expertise, evaluation of proposals and negotiation of contracts.

Project and Programme Management

Nexia SAB&T provide project management expertise to various sectors their qualified programme and project managers are suitably qualified to optimise the project management experience using the project management principles as indicated in PMBok and Prince2.


Skills Development

Nexia SAB&T offer services and skills in the field of capacity building and skills transfer. These services and skills include project management, curriculum development and design, workshop facilitation, drafting and implementation of workplace skills plans and executive coaching.

Transaction Advisory and Corporate Finance

Nexia SAB&T provide transaction advisory and corporate finance services that include all the aspect as contained in the following diagram: