The increasingly complex and demanding financial environment requires the owners and managers of business to procure specialized advice and services from experts.  Nexia SAB&T’s experience in a wide range of industries and different business sizes puts it in an excellent position to provide a suite of tailor-made services.

Our approach is, irrespective of the assignment, to understand the history, background and strategy of each business.  This enables us to ensure that the solution provided is in line with the strategic initiatives of the business.  We have extensive experience in the provision of the following services:

  1. Acquisitions, mergers and disposals – from initiation, through valuation to negotiation and ultimately closure;
  2. Due diligence investigations;
  3. Standalone business valuations;
  4. Fair and Reasonable opinions;
  5. Capital structuring;
  6. Loan and equity capital raising;
  7. Assistance with strategy development;

It is our aim to assist the executive management in making the best decision to ensure that the long term goals and objectives of the business are met.  Our teams are committed through the provision of quality driven, proactive and personal approach to services. When interacting with our clients, certain key factors are taken into consideration, including JSE regulations, the requirements of the Financial Services Board and the terms and conditions of the Companies Act.

We have learnt from experience how much time, effort and skill is required to become properly acquainted with our client-partners’ strategies and objectives and then to execute projects such as mergers, acquisitions, take-overs, and restructurings on their behalf.  This creates a mutually beneficial partnership between Nexia SAB&T and you, our client.  On these activities, we expect to earn:

  • A general fee (akin to a retainer)
  • A project fee (whilst executing a project)
  • A project bonus (upon completion of a project)

Sharing risk with client-partners is central to our thinking- until a project is successfully completed, we recover only a portion of our costs and do not earn a profit. On completion of a project, the remainder of our costs is recovered. In addition, the negotiated project bonus, dependent on the level of our success, becomes payable.
For standalone business valuations, fair and reasonable opinions and assistance with strategy development, we charge a fee commiserate with the size and scope of the assignment.