OurStory – The best stories have humble beginnings

Our Story – Bashier Adam (Full Interview)

Our Story – Caroline Chigora

Our Story – Yoliswa Madlingozi

Our Story – Vusimuzi Sobekwa

Nexia SAB&T OURStory – the best stories have humble beginnings.

HerStory – The Greatness in Me

HerStory – The Greatness in Me: Part One

HerStory – The Greatness in Me: Part Two

HerStory – The Greatness in Me: Part Three

Herstory the greatness in me movie

Ayisha soweto towers

HERstory : The Greatness in me. A campaign birthed by focusing on the need to equal the playing fields of gender in the boardroom. This is the journey of our Chairperson – Ayisha Ramasike

Women’s Empowerment Stats

Womens Empowerment

Women’s Month is a venue to highlight women’s achievements and discuss continuing and emerging women’s empowerment and gender equality issues and concerns, challenges, and commitments. These statistics show the gradual increase in women dominating the workplace globally.

Forensics Podcast

Fraud in our backyard post

If you’re familiar with people living beyond their means, then this podcast by our Forensics specialists will shed a little light as they discuss how rife fraud is in our own backyard.


Cybersecurity Website

Women’s Month 2021

Womens Day Posts

From challenge comes change therefore through this campaign we encouraged all women, to choose to challenge & call out gender bias and inequality.

Company Values

This campaign highlighted our Company which are the set of guiding principles and fundamental beliefs that help us to function together as a team and work toward a common business goal.

Unlimited Potential

Unlimited potential Speed post

Unlimited potential was our theme for 2021, where we highlighted the different strengths of our stakeholders and how we could work together towards success.

Greysuits Demystified

Grey Suits Demystified

What perceptions do you have about Accountants? Mysterious people in grey suits?
This campaign debunks the myths of the CA world.

Corporate Videos

Nexia Day 2020 theme: Enduring Relationships.

A message from one of our benefactors – Reach for a Dream CEO, Mervyn H Serebro

2019 Digital Campaign of the Year: HerStory in The Making

Nexia International – Doing Business Globally

Partnership: Nexia SAB&T Carwash at GIBS, University of Pretoria

Nexia International Member Firm Service Charter: Enduring Relationships, Business Minded. Globally Connected.

Andreas Lianos, Kibo Mining: Nexia SAB&T Service and Value

Soenke Gooss, Edding CFO & Thomas Gotza, Ebner Stoelz Partner (Nexia International): Why Nexia SAB&T as a Member Firm?

Nexia SAB&T CEO, Bashier Adam: Why Nexia SAB&T? Nothing is Impossible!

About Nexia SAB&T, a Member Firm of Nexia International: #Closer to You, From The Ground Up.

Nexia SAB&T History: #FromTheGroundUp