The Companies Act – Section 45

IFRS Pronouncements for financial years 2022 and after

How remote working is impacting the control environment

INVESTMENT ENTITIES – to consolidate or not consolidate

AMENDMENTS TO GRAP – Impact Analysis for the Current Financial Year

AMENDMENTS TO GRAP – Impact analysis for the current financial year The Accounting Standards Board of South Africa (ASB) issued various amendments to GRAP Standards of which the Minister of Finance approved some to be effective in Government Gazette No.44881 on 13 August 2021. Entities applying GRAP are required1 to disclose the impact of these […]

CREDIT CARDS – Cash equivalent or Trade creditor?

Diversity has been noted in practice with regard to the classification of credit cards on the Statement of Financial Position. Some includes these as “trade” or “other” payables while others reflect these as an integral part of bank overdrafts within cash and cash equivalents. We discuss the considerations which should be made to ensure this balance is classified correctly for financial statement purposes. View PDF