Services provided by the secretarial department at Nexia SAB&T include:


  • Allotment of shares
  • Appointment and resignation of auditors
  • Change of directors
  • Change of registered address
  • Change of year end
  • Deregistration of companies
  • Formation of companies
  • Lodging of annual returns
  • Registration of memorandum of incorporation amendments
  • Restoration of deregistered companies
  • Safe keeping of company statutory documents
  • Special resolutions
  • Transfer of shares

Close Corporations

  • Appointment and resignation of members
  • Appointment as accounting officers
  • Change of registered address
  • Deregistration of close corporations
  • Lodging of annual returns
  • Registration of amended founding statement (change of members, year-end, main business, etc.)
  • Restoration of deregistered close corporations
  • Safe keeping of founding and amended founding statements


  • Appointment and resignation of trustees
  • Registration of trust
  • Registration of amendments to trust deeds
  • Safekeeping of trust deed and letter of authority