Forensics services are not only re-active but also pro-active to derive the most value.

A proactive engagement includes the elements of detection, prevention and combating fraud and corruption.

Our approach to any engagement is based on the following principles, as no organisational environment is the same.

Once an engagement has been finalised, we are still available for our clients through the provision of post engagement support services. These can include:

  • Litigation support
  • Disciplinary matters
  • Criminal support
  • Civil support
  • Recovery of Assets
  • Fraud Prevention Plan and Strategies
  • Forensic Audits & Accounting
  • Fraud Risk Management
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Fraud Awareness Training
  • Readiness Assessments
  • Evidence handling
  • Mobile forensic service
  • Cyber Forensics
  • Data Interrogation
  • Specialised Services