Everyone is different and will suit different types of work environments, and that’s why as a graduate, it is important to first consider what firm is right for you.

Do your values align; are you interested in what we offer; do you want to be hands on in your career; can you see yourself being a part of our culture?

We look for people who:

  • Are self-motivated, and demonstrate enthusiasm for their chosen career
  • Have great communication skills, and are passionate about working closely with our clients
  • Display qualities that make them stand out as our future leaders.
    In return, we are committed to working in partnership with our graduates to achieve their goals and objectives.

What We Offer

Completing your university studies and embarking on a new career is an important milestone in your life. By choosing Nexia SAB&T, you can be confident you are getting the support, development opportunities and hands-on experience necessary to build on your studies and sustain a successful career, while having a great time and building your professional network.

Whether you are completing your university studies or about to embark on your post graduate qualifications, Nexia SAB&T offers a comprehensive graduate employment program.

Across our offices, we offer:

  • Support of your university studies and qualifications
  • The opportunity to work with a variety of clients across a wide range of industry backgrounds, putting the knowledge and skills you have acquired to practice:
    –  Lifelong learning, from on-the-job training to attending tailored workshops and seminars
    –  Continuous promotion opportunities and career guidance
    –  A balanced lifestyle and enjoyable work environment.

Get in touch with your local team for more information about current vacancies, Nexia SAB&T culture and career opportunities.

Graduate Employment: Your journey with us

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