• July 2019PDF Version [676kb]
    In this issue
    How Tax Returns Will Be Easier This Year, and Should You File if You Earn Under R500,000?
    Business Rescue Options: Going the Informal Route v the Companies Act Route
    How Many Days Did You Work For The Taxman In 2019?
    Youth Employment Tax Incentive Extended for Ten Years Your Tax Deadlines for July 2019
  • June 2019PDF Version [417kb]
    In this issue
    •How You Can Detect Fraud in Your Business
    Companies: What is an Alternate Director? A Curious Role…
    Worker Burnout: Too Much Work and Unclear Goals
    Small Business Owners: Don’t Overlook Your New Compliance Requirements!
    Your Tax Deadlines for July 2019 and Good News for Taxpayers
  • May 2019PDF Version [756kb]
    In this issue
    •Small Businesses: Make The Most of Your Tax Breaks!
    •Quick Wins to Get Our Economy Going Again
    •Employers – Need Reducing Staff Conflict With Employee Rights?
    •Tax and Solar Energy Plants: Your Business Can Deduct the Costs Upfront
    •SARS – Important Update on VAT for EServices from Foreign Suppliers
    •Your Tax and Other Deadlines for May 2019
  • April 2019PDF Version [476kb]
    In this issue
    •Expat Tax: How Will The Changes Affect You?
    •Companies: Don’t Inadvertently Encourage Unethical Behaviour
    •The CIPC Is Taking On Wrongdoing by Directors – A R4.3bn Example
    •Sugar Tax: Good for the Taxman, Bad for the Sugar Industry
    •What Our New Tax Statistics Tell Us
  • March 2019PDF Version [1110kb]
    In this issue
    •What does Budget 2019 mean for you?
    •Your Selection of Budget 2019 Tax Calculators
    •Budget 2019: Credibility Restored?
    •How to Improve Risk Management in Your Business
    •VAT Taxpayers: New Relief on Correcting Tax Invoices
    •SARS Warns Taxpayers: “Use Only Registered Tax Practitioners”
  • February 2019PDF Version [621kb]
    In this issue
    •AI and the Changing Face of Jobs: Good News If We React Now
    •Directors: The Potential Liabilities You Face When Issuing Shares
    •POPIA is Now Imminent: Don’t Underestimate the Work Involved
    •Does “The Company” Still Have A Role To Play?
    •Budget 2019: Your Tips for Tito
    •Your Tax Deadlines For February 2019
  • January 2019PDF Version [480kb]
    In this issue
    •Interest rates in 2019 – Which way will they go and why?
    •Deemed accruals can seriously disrupt your cash flow – a tax lesson for property developers
    •What is a valuation worth? The art of valuing assets and businesses
    •Directors: Fighting corruption via your social and ethics committee
    •Be aware of the changes to VAT on electronic services
    •Your tax deadlines for January


  • December 2018PDF Version [538kb]
    In this issue
    •Let’s Be Realistic and Positive in 2019
    •Taxpayers Note: How To Upload Supporting Documents Using eFiling
    •The Medium Term Budget Speech and the Rating Agencies – Danger in December
    •Changes Are Coming to The Companies Act – Be Ready for Them
    •Is SARS Attacking Your Medical Tax Credit?
  • November 2018PDF Version [575kb]
    In this issue
    •When Hubris grows, can a market crash be far behind?
    •Lack of a medical certificate not enough when dismissing an employee
    •Cloud based accounting: Ideal for your small business?
    •Is your problem with SARS a systemic issue? If so, speak to the Tax Ombud
    •Beware the new corporate income tax penalties! And your tax deadlines for November
  • October 2018  – PDF Version [516kb]
    In this Issue
    •Get the Most Out of Your Audit While Saving Cost
    •Importing From Amazon: You Could Be Forced to Register as an Importer
    •Directors Beware! You Could Be Held Personally Liable For Data Breaches
    •Surviving a Business Crisis: Consider Your Turnaround Options
    •Will the 21st Century Really Be Africa’s Time to Flourish?
    •Your Tax Deadlines for October
  • September 2018 – Do you need business interruption insurance?
  • August 2018 – The new travel allowances: How do they affect you and are they working?
  • July 2018 – Your 2018 Tax Season Deadline: Brought Forward By Three Weeks?
  • June 2018 – PDF [798kb]
    In this Issue
    •Lessons for Your Business: How Does the World’s Most Successful Company Keep Growing?
    •When Do We Stop Working for SARS This Year?
    •Risk Management for Your SME
    •The European Union has Implemented GDPR – It May Affect You
    •Companies: “XBRL” is Coming Soon. What is it and Are You Affected?
    •Your Tax Deadlines for June, and Beware SARS Scams
  • May 2018 – Practical Tips on Cash Flow
  • April 2018 – Directors: The Steinhoff Debacle Highlights Your Exposure to Personal Liability
  • March 2018 – You and Budget 2018: It Could Have Been Worse
  • February 2018 – Stop the World I Want To Get Off
  • January 2018 – Directors: Watch Your Liquidity and Solvency


  • December 2017 – Climate Change: Make Sure Your Home is Correctly Insured
  • November 2017 – Middle Managers are Vital to Your Success
  • October 2017 – Running on empty: Is our downgrade to full junk status coming?
  • September 2017 – Directors’ meeting minutes: Why are they so important?
  • August 2017 – FICA: Will the Revised Act Still be a Four Letter Word? [314kb]
  • July 2017 – Tax Season Opened On 1 July: Here’s What You Need to Know, and Do [440kb]
  • June 2017 – Lean Times Ahead: 6 Steps to Help You through Them [427kb]
  • May 2017 – Junk Status Is Now a Reality – How Will It Affect Us? [784kb]
  • April 2017 – You Will Retire, So Get Ready Now! [457kb]
  • March 2017 – You and Budget 2017: Tax Increases Are Now the Order of the Day [794kb]
  • February 2017 – Will 2017 Be Better Than Expected? [372kb]
  • January 2017 – In 2017 there’s No Place for Hedgehogs When Forecasting [391kb]