• September 2020PDF Version [690kb]
    In this issue
    • How Chaos Sparks Business Innovation
    • Tax Incentives to Invest in Small Business: The Clock is Ticking
    Tips and Ideas to Retain Your Best Staff and Skills During COVID-19
    Six Important Business Lessons From The Coronavirus Pandemic
    Your Tax Deadlines for September 2020
  • August 2020PDF Version [724kb]
    In this issue
    Employees Working from Home: What Tax Deductions Can You Claim?
    Protecting your Company’s Reputation When Staff Work from Home
    What Happens if your Driver’s Licence Expires During the Pandemic and You Have an Accident?
    POPIA (The Protection of Personal Information Act) is Now Law and the Clock is Ticking
    Your Tax Deadlines for August 2020
  • July 2020PDF Version [713kb]
    In this issue
    • Tax Season 2020 will be Easier Thanks to SARS’ New Approach!
    • Giving is Good – Just Know Who You are Giving To
    • Who will Emerge as Winners and Losers in the Post Covid-19 Marketplace?
    • Fraudsters are Everywhere: Cybercrime up 667% since Lockdown
    • Your Tax Deadlines for July 2020
  • June 2020PDF Version [754kb]
    In this issue
    • Technology, COVID-19 and How the World Will Change
    • Tax Freedom Day: How Many Days Did You Work for The Taxman in 2020?
    • Life Made Easier (and Safer) For Non-eFilers
    • Your Tax Deadlines for June 2020
  • May 2020PDF Version [661kb]
    In this issue
    • COVID-19 and Directors: Your Duties and Liabilities in the Coronavirus Crisis
    • Tips for Managing your Staff Working from Home
    • How Different Will Our Landscape Be Post Coronavirus?
    • Be Ready for a SARS Lifestyle Audit
    • Your Tax Deadlines for May 2020
  • April 2020PDF Version [720kb]
    In this issue
    • COVID-19 Lockdown: Relief Programs for Businesses and SMMEs
    • Businesses: How to Survive the Coronavirus Panic
    • Is Passwordless Authentication the Next Big Step?
    • On a Lighter Note – Some Entertaining Tax Stories
    • Your Tax Deadlines for April 2020
  • March 2020PDF Version [1033kb]
    In this issue
    Budget 2020: Some Tax Relief!
    Your Selection of Budget 2020 Tax Calculators
    Budget 2020: Will it Please Moody’s?
    Directors: “Knowing” Is A Potentially Career-Threatening Word for You
    Your Tax Deadlines for March 2020
  • February 2020PDF Version [850kb]
    In this issue
    • Take Advantage of the Venture Capital Company Allowance While You Can
    • Small Businesses: How to Survive and Thrive
    • Directors: Be Careful, You Will Be Held More Accountable In 2020
    • Lying About Qualifications – Prison Time for Employees on the Horizon
    • Budget 2020: Tips for Tito – Make Your Voice Count!
    • Your Tax Deadlines for February 2020
  • January 2020PDF Version [772kb]
    In this issue
    •What Will The Next Decade Bring Us?
    Your Tax Returns Are Due: Make Sure You Fill In Your Return Correctly
    How To Detect and Dodge Financial Scams
    Junk Status Is Not The End – It Can Get A Lot Worse!
    Your Tax Deadlines for January 2020
  • December 2019PDF Version [675kb]
    In this issue
    •Sometimes the Best Management Is To Take a Back Seat
    How to Prepare Your Business Plan
    The CIPC to Intensify Compliance Enforcement from January
    Important: SA’s Rankings on the Ease of Doing Business Index, and an Exciting New Business Registration Platform
    Your Tax Deadlines for December 2019
  • November 2019PDF Version [586kb]
    In this issue
    •Crunch Time for SA – The Medium Term Budget Policy Statement and What it Means to You
    •Businesses: Think Strategically When Cost Cutting
    •Cut Your Electricity Bills!
    •5 Reasons To Never Overlook Your Business Plan
    •Your Tax Deadlines for November 2019
  • October 2019PDF Version [681kb]
    In this issue
    •A Tip for Anyone with Too Much Debt – Try the ‘Snowball Method’
    •A Break for Taxpayers on Interest Received From SARS
    •Businesses: Let’s All Practice Corporate Sustainability to Remain Competitive and Successful
    •Our Economic Outlook: Good News or Bad?
    •Your Tax Deadlines for October 2019
  • September 2019PDF Version [663kb]
    In this issue
    •Be Ready For SARS Employee Audits
    •Communicate with Candour – the “Oracle of Omaha” Speaks
    •Your Shareholder Agreement versus Your Memorandum of Incorporation – There Is Only One Winner
    •Spying On Employees Is Becoming A Big Industry
    •Your Tax Deadlines for September, and an Update on Tax Season 2018/19
  • August 2019PDF Version [657kb]
    In this issue
    •Don’t Let a Death or Disablement Destroy Your Business
    If Artificial Intelligence Is Not That Intelligent, Should We Be Worried About Our Jobs?
    The Big Mac Index Says the Rand is Way Undervalued
    SARS: Changes to the Employer Statement of Account
    Your Tax Deadlines for August 2019
  • July 2019PDF Version [676kb]
    In this issue
    How Tax Returns Will Be Easier This Year, and Should You File if You Earn Under R500,000?
    Business Rescue Options: Going the Informal Route v the Companies Act Route
    How Many Days Did You Work For The Taxman In 2019?
    Youth Employment Tax Incentive Extended for Ten Years Your Tax Deadlines for July 2019
  • June 2019PDF Version [417kb]
    In this issue
    •How You Can Detect Fraud in Your Business
    Companies: What is an Alternate Director? A Curious Role…
    Worker Burnout: Too Much Work and Unclear Goals
    Small Business Owners: Don’t Overlook Your New Compliance Requirements!
    Your Tax Deadlines for July 2019 and Good News for Taxpayers
  • May 2019PDF Version [756kb]
    In this issue
    •Small Businesses: Make The Most of Your Tax Breaks!
    •Quick Wins to Get Our Economy Going Again
    •Employers – Need Reducing Staff Conflict With Employee Rights?
    •Tax and Solar Energy Plants: Your Business Can Deduct the Costs Upfront
    •SARS – Important Update on VAT for EServices from Foreign Suppliers
    •Your Tax and Other Deadlines for May 2019
  • April 2019PDF Version [476kb]
    In this issue
    •Expat Tax: How Will The Changes Affect You?
    •Companies: Don’t Inadvertently Encourage Unethical Behaviour
    •The CIPC Is Taking On Wrongdoing by Directors – A R4.3bn Example
    •Sugar Tax: Good for the Taxman, Bad for the Sugar Industry
    •What Our New Tax Statistics Tell Us
  • March 2019PDF Version [1110kb]
    In this issue
    •What does Budget 2019 mean for you?
    •Your Selection of Budget 2019 Tax Calculators
    •Budget 2019: Credibility Restored?
    •How to Improve Risk Management in Your Business
    •VAT Taxpayers: New Relief on Correcting Tax Invoices
    •SARS Warns Taxpayers: “Use Only Registered Tax Practitioners”
  • February 2019PDF Version [621kb]
    In this issue
    •AI and the Changing Face of Jobs: Good News If We React Now
    •Directors: The Potential Liabilities You Face When Issuing Shares
    •POPIA is Now Imminent: Don’t Underestimate the Work Involved
    •Does “The Company” Still Have A Role To Play?
    •Budget 2019: Your Tips for Tito
    •Your Tax Deadlines For February 2019
  • January 2019PDF Version [480kb]
    In this issue
    •Interest rates in 2019 – Which way will they go and why?
    •Deemed accruals can seriously disrupt your cash flow – a tax lesson for property developers
    •What is a valuation worth? The art of valuing assets and businesses
    •Directors: Fighting corruption via your social and ethics committee
    •Be aware of the changes to VAT on electronic services
    •Your tax deadlines for January
  • December 2018PDF Version [538kb]
    In this issue
    •Let’s Be Realistic and Positive in 2019
    •Taxpayers Note: How To Upload Supporting Documents Using eFiling
    •The Medium Term Budget Speech and the Rating Agencies – Danger in December
    •Changes Are Coming to The Companies Act – Be Ready for Them
    •Is SARS Attacking Your Medical Tax Credit?
  • November 2018PDF Version [575kb]
    In this issue
    •When Hubris grows, can a market crash be far behind?
    •Lack of a medical certificate not enough when dismissing an employee
    •Cloud based accounting: Ideal for your small business?
    •Is your problem with SARS a systemic issue? If so, speak to the Tax Ombud
    •Beware the new corporate income tax penalties! And your tax deadlines for November
  • October 2018  – PDF Version [516kb]
    In this Issue
    •Get the Most Out of Your Audit While Saving Cost
    •Importing From Amazon: You Could Be Forced to Register as an Importer
    •Directors Beware! You Could Be Held Personally Liable For Data Breaches
    •Surviving a Business Crisis: Consider Your Turnaround Options
    •Will the 21st Century Really Be Africa’s Time to Flourish?
    •Your Tax Deadlines for October
  • September 2018 – Do you need business interruption insurance?
  • August 2018 – The new travel allowances: How do they affect you and are they working?
  • July 2018 – Your 2018 Tax Season Deadline: Brought Forward By Three Weeks?
  • June 2018 – PDF [798kb]
    In this Issue
    •Lessons for Your Business: How Does the World’s Most Successful Company Keep Growing?
    •When Do We Stop Working for SARS This Year?
    •Risk Management for Your SME
    •The European Union has Implemented GDPR – It May Affect You
    •Companies: “XBRL” is Coming Soon. What is it and Are You Affected?
    •Your Tax Deadlines for June, and Beware SARS Scams
  • May 2018 – Practical Tips on Cash Flow
  • April 2018 – Directors: The Steinhoff Debacle Highlights Your Exposure to Personal Liability
  • March 2018 – You and Budget 2018: It Could Have Been Worse
  • February 2018 – Stop the World I Want To Get Off
  • January 2018 – Directors: Watch Your Liquidity and Solvency
  • December 2017 – Climate Change: Make Sure Your Home is Correctly Insured
  • November 2017 – Middle Managers are Vital to Your Success
  • October 2017 – Running on empty: Is our downgrade to full junk status coming?
  • September 2017 – Directors’ meeting minutes: Why are they so important?
  • August 2017 – FICA: Will the Revised Act Still be a Four Letter Word? [314kb]
  • July 2017 – Tax Season Opened On 1 July: Here’s What You Need to Know, and Do [440kb]
  • June 2017 – Lean Times Ahead: 6 Steps to Help You through Them [427kb]
  • May 2017 – Junk Status Is Now a Reality – How Will It Affect Us? [784kb]
  • April 2017 – You Will Retire, So Get Ready Now! [457kb]
  • March 2017 – You and Budget 2017: Tax Increases Are Now the Order of the Day [794kb]
  • February 2017 – Will 2017 Be Better Than Expected? [372kb]
  • January 2017 – In 2017 there’s No Place for Hedgehogs When Forecasting [391kb]