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2024 – Thought Leadership

ESG Services


ESG considerations are becoming increasingly important in the field of management consulting.
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Sleepless in the C-suite


Throughout this paper, we will explore key concerns, examining their implications for organisational performance, risk management, and stakeholder value creation. Click here to view the complete document.

Sleepless in the C suite

2022 – Thought Leadership

IFRS17 – Insurance Contracts


IFRS 17: An introduction to the new comprehensive insurance standard which replaces IFRS 4. The training will take place on the 16th of March 2022 at 9:00 – 12:00pm (GMT +2), Click here to register.

IFRS17 - Insurance Contracts

“Budget Overview” Hybrid Presentation


Our Budget Overview event took place on the 2nd of March. Click the image below to view the presentation

Budget Overview Presentation - Nexia-SAB&Tverview Thought Leadership Post

2022 Budget Highlights

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Tax Facts post

Tax Facts post

Hybrid Presentation: Budget Overwiew

Click here to view our Hybrid Presentation.

Tax Breakfast Budget Over Thought Leadership Thumbnail

Tax Breakfast Budget Over Thought Leadership Thumbnail

2021 – Thought Leadership

Forensics Podcast: “Fraud in our backyard and beyond”

Filing Season 2020: Deadline for online filers extended

In the media release issued on 28 January 2021, SARS addresses the effect of the current COVID-19 wave in South Africa and states that it has decided to extend the deadline for provisional taxpayers who file electronically via eFiling. View PDF

2020 – Thought Leadership

Technical Podcast: “Common pitfalls when presenting financial statements”

Foreign employment income exemption

The exemption was introduced to prevent double taxation of an individual’s income between South Africa and a host country. The exemption creates opportunities for double non-taxation in instances where the host country imposes little or no tax on employment income. View PDF

2018 – Thought Leadership

Corporate sustainability

For many companies, the word ‘sustainability’ conjures up negative connotations. It’s all about compliance, box-ticking, advisers with hairy socks and sandals, and a glossy annual report which, once written, is filed away and forgotten about. Lloyd Macfarlane, of management consultancy PSP-Icon, believes that view is wrong. In fact, Macfarlane argues that approached strategically, corporate sustainability can deliver both resilience and competitive advantage, leading to increased long-term profitability. View PDF

Nexia SAB&T Enterprise Development Project at GIBS

The idea for the campaign was as a result of having identified…

Liquidations and Insolvencies

When a business or a person is unable to pay their debts when they become due, they are considered to be insolvent. The business model is quite simple; when the money going out is more than money coming in, debts are accrued and the liabilities exceed the assets. View PDF

2017 – Thought Leadership

Global Cybersecurity Report

The increasing interconnectivity of personal, infrastructure, and business systems, and a growing and progressively more open market for stolen data are only a few of the reasons that the landscape of cyber risk and the number of companies and individuals that are vulnerable to attack is growing at an exponential pace. View PDF

Performance Auditing an Introduction

It is important that prior to introducing the subject of performance auditing that it be correctly contextualised in relation to its integration with other audits. The various types of auditing may inter alia be categorised as follows: View PDF

Mandatory Audit Firm Rotation

On 2 June 2017, The South African Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors (IRBA) issued a Rule prescribing that auditors of public interest entities (PIEs) must comply with Mandatory Audit Firm Rotation (MAFR) with effect from 1 April 2023. View PDF

Cybercrime is a Reality – Is your business cyber resilient?

The digitised world is growing at a phenomenal pace. Businesses are embracing the digital era in order to realise technological advantages as much as out of necessity to keep up with competitors, as the Internet of Things drives entrepreneurship. View PDF