Game Time Hi Res

For this year’s Nexia Day, we have chosen the theme “Enduring relationships” – where we’re aiming to restore the element of team building and relationship building in our firm, overlapping with the HR focus of WELLNESS.

*You are encouraged to participate in these games during your break. The duration you take on each game is recorded

Introducing GAME TIME!  

Since our focus is on staff wellness/interacting/having some fun and getting to know each other, here are a couple of games that will help to stimulate your mind.

Game 1: Wordsearch

Web Image

Can you find all 18 words? Play the wordsearch game below.

Words can go in any direction. Words can share letters as they cross over each other.

Click here to play the game.

Game 2: Nexia SAB&T Client Riddles

Web Image 2

We’ve given you a sentence, its now up to you to show us which client fits the description.
Figure out which client goes with each riddle!

Click here to play the game.