Benefits of Leveraging a Digital Workforce

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  • OptimiseOptimize labour costs, increase capacity

Digital labour is less expensive than human labour. Whether it’s labour cost reduction, cost avoidance or simply getting more from your existing workforce this is part of every business case for DIGITAL WORKFORCE

  • increaseIncrease speed (5-10x), accuracy (100%) and availability (24x7x365)

Beyond simply productivity gains, DIGITAL WORKFORCE delivers business benefits. You may be able to improve customer satisfaction by increasing the availability, speed and accuracy with which you respond.

  • flexibleFlexible and Scalable Workforce – 24x7x365 coverage

DIGITAL WORKFORCE also reduces risk. Your DIGITAL WORKFORCEs cannot violate your policies or controls by mistake. And they create an audit trail of all the actions they take and which human user told them to take that action.

  • improveImprove compliance, controls and auditability

The benefits of being able to see and analyse the real-time data flow as Bots process transactions across your enterprise. It may seem like a small thing as you think of your first 3-5 uses cases, but when you have 100s of Bots moving data between 1000s of applications in your environment you have a holistic picture you’ve not been able to see before.

  • deliverDeliver Real-Time Analytics and business intelligence

Digital is disrupting many industries – think of transportation (Uber), retail (Amazon), hospitality (AirBnB) – and most companies today are driving for digital transformation.
You simply can’t do that without having a DIGITAL WORKFORCE.

  • enableEnable digital transformation

And at the end of the day, when you remove the rote, mundane, repetitive processes and free up people’s time to focus on higher value add activities you have a happier human workforce.

  • enhanceEnhance employee morale

Syncing a BOT  to handle the mundane activities of your business makes for  happier staff, less human error and improved productivity.  Worker safety is an important reason for automating a business – Automated systems can help distance workers from the workplace, thus safeguarding them.  By integrating digital services into staff’s day-to-day operations, having portable devices can allow staff to be more flexible in the office or even working from home.