Key Features to our Trustee Service


  • Trustee appointment is the appropriate way to manage pension schemes, as confirmed in the Pensions Board’s Trusteeship Review report.
  • The type and level of service required can be tailored to your specific scheme. This may include how frequently trustee meetings are held, how often investments are reviewed or when the administration is reported on.
  • Flexibility in terms of who the primary contacts are for the scheme, such as the employer representative (MD, Financial Controller or HR Department), the benefit consultant or the administrator.

Proper Management of the Scheme

  • Initial review of the scheme documentation and updates made where required
  • Annual trustee meetings organised and documented correctly
  • Annual administration report completed so the level of service can be monitored
  • Review Investment Management Agreements and ensure that a Statement of Investment Policy and Principles is in place where appropriate.
  • Liaise with the scheme administrator to ensure compliance with all aspect of the Pensions Act. Particularly with respect to Benefit Statements, Statements of Reasonable Projection and completion of Trustee Annual Reports.


  • Dedicated point of contact and streamlined administration service
  • Timely issue of reports, correspondence and statements
  • Systems in place to ensure documentation issued is accurate, up to date and meets all the disclosure requirements within the statutory timeframes

Best Practice

  • Continuous trustee training and attendance at industry seminars
  • High level contact and interaction with Revenue and the Pensions Board
  • Monitoring legislative changes, regulatory updates and professional guidelines
  • Considerable experience of our professional employees in pension scheme administration, management and trusteeship