Fraud, corruption, theft, financial crime, cyber-attacks, security breaches, lost data, identity theft, tip offs, ethical breakdowns…

These terms are becoming part of our daily conversations.

To use an analogy: the Tip of the Iceberg, the hummock is only seen, but the magnitude of the ice lies below.

– If these malefic actions within organisations aren’t dealt with, management would not be conscious of the extent and the consequential financial impact of these iniquitous deeds, resulting in further losses.

Corruption erodes trust, weakens governance, hampers economic development and further exacerbates inequality, poverty and social division.

Management requires effective Fraud Risk Management strategies and fraud identification techniques to counter the threat.

Some examples of Forensic complexities are:

  • Cyber space;
  • The size, complexity and geographical distribution;
  • The velocity at which transactions happen in the global financial system;
  • Disputes are no longer just financial causes, but include regulatory and information technology causes;
  • Technology through artificial intelligence;
  • Wealth inequality, climate change, financial crime, fraud risk management and disputes;
  • Behaviours are also continuously changing. Anonymous fraud and ethics reporting is becoming more popular through a crowd-based response to fraud and unethical behaviour, globally; and
  • Transactional crime fueled by the ability to easily move financial means around the world.

At Nexia SAB&T Forensics – we are persistent in our efforts to respond to these changes by focusing on the depth of our professional services offered. Apart from our professional services, our solutions include combining our vast skills and technology across a broad spectrum.

We help our clients take immediate and decisive action to prevent, detect and respond to potentially contentious or harmful situations. Of equal importance, is our ability to take a calculated approach, based on what we have discovered. Whether it is a fraud, business disputes, contractual compliance issues, regulatory enquiries or large-scale transactions, serious problems can quickly arise, spiral out of control and cause severe, long-term and possibly irrecoverable damage. As you would expect, we think and act seamlessly.

Our mission and primary function are the prevention and detection of fraud. Our forensic team are often called upon to provide testimony in legal forums such as the civil and criminal courts or labour forums. We assist clients to determine the facts and problem areas based on solid evidence, and we then assist in generating remedial plans to mitigate or eliminate areas of risk and exposure. Our measures include: investigations, analysis and assessment of evidence in accordance with various applicable laws, prescripts and regulations.

A thoroughly executed fraud examination can address the following:

  • Identifying improper conduct
  • Identifying the person/s responsible for improper conduct
  • Stopping fraud
  • Determining the existence and extent of potential liabilities or losses
  • Assisting to facilitate the recovery of losses
  • Preventing future losses
  • Strengthening internal control weaknesses

We work WITH our clients to assist them with complex problems and investigations, providing clarity, insight and solutions. Our clients receive proactive guidance to enable them to reduce the risk of potential future problems.

Why Nexia SAB&T Forensic?

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners