Polygraphing and Handwriting analysis


In the determination of an Examinee’s level of deception, we follow a structured approach which is based on the elimination of interference of alternative causes of responses.

Our approach includes the following steps:

  • Assess the Examinee’s ability to take the test
  • Advise the Examinee of his/ her rights
  • Discuss the case facts with Examinee
  • Conduct acquaintance test to familiarise the Examinee with testing process
  • Interpretation of results



Handwriting Analysis

During handwriting analysis we identify the following key characteristics, for the identification of possible forgery. It also includes the examination of documents.

  • Unnatural release and addition of pressure upon writing
  • Unnatural hesitations in words
  • Incorrect writing sequence (conducted under microscope)
  • Deciphering of obscured writing.
  • Analysis of printed matter
  • Document stamp impressions
  • Alterations to documents

Our Fraud and Forensics Service Line Brochure [1862kb].