Technical Security Audits

Download our Technical Security Audit service line brochure [1700kb]

Technical Security Audits on: Firewalls, Switches & Routers

We have the capability to perform detailed technical security audits on network devices such as switches, routers, and especially firewalls, which can identify undiscovered security weaknesses, prioritise these risks for our clients and provide them with detailed remediation’s.

Security Audit

Perform a “best practice” security audit that combines checks from many difference sources including penetration testing experience.

Vulnerability Audit

Compares the device’s operating system version against the NIST NVD database for known software vulnerabilities, which includes links to manufacturers and third-parties.

CIS Benchmarks

A CIS benchmark audit for Cisco IOS 12, IOS 15 and Cisco ASA.

STIG Compliance

A DISA STIG compliance audit against specific STIG checklists.


A combination of our “Best Practice” Security Audit, Vulnerability audit, Configuration report, and CIS benchmarks to meet the current PCI requirements.

Filtering Complexity

Examines the network filtering rules and objects highlighting unused objects, overlapping and contradictory rules. Making sure your packet filtering is secure.

Configuration Report

A precisely detailed report on how your device has been configured.

Raw Configuration

Imports the actual full configuration of your network device into the audit.

Raw Change Tracking – Follow-up audits on where we have previously assessed the firewall

Highlights any changes detected between the device’s current raw configuration and a previously-saved raw configuration report

Filtering Differences

Analyses Security Audit and raw differences between the current configuration and a previously saved baseline file.