Why a Digital Workforce?

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Let’s start by looking at the problem we’re solving:

If you take a look at your human workforce today – whether it’s in back office or front office – at the highest level you’ll see 3 types of work being done.

  •  80% of the work being done is simply rules based transaction processing.  It doesn’t require judgment or independent thought, it’s simply if/then/else/or repeated over and over again.
  • Next a relatively small portion of a person’s day-to-day job involves “thinking” – think of things like exception handling, applying fuzzy logic, interpreting the tone of communication from a customer, etc.
  • Finally, if there’s any time left in the day, a person may or may not have time to analyze what’s happening in the environment and predict or at least adapt to change.   And, of course, because we’re all human there’s coffee, or Facebook or a long lunch, etc.   Our friends at McKinsey estimate that on average a human worker puts in 5.5 hours of productive time per workday.

Your human workforce

Your Digital Workforce

Your digital workforce

AA’s Digital Workforce has the ability to replicate human behavior. RPA can take “actions” just like a human, IQ Bot “thinks” like a human and Bot Insights “analyzes “like a human.

We replicate all human interaction except without the coffee breaks! In fact, your digital workforce works 24×365 at a much faster rate of speed and without human error.

Your Human Workforce