Nexia SAB&T has partnered with Sage One to bring you a safe and secure online payment solution for your business.

Sage One ensures that you avoid unnecessary last minute rejections when processing payments by using bank account validation. You have the peace of mind that all payments will be accepted by the banks on payment day.
Security is enhanced as payment batches can be locked, ensuring that payments can’t be edited in your Sage Pay Account. Sage One flexible payment options ensure that all payments reflect on the same date in the beneficiaries’ account, irrespective of where the bank account is held. Integrated Sage One Payroll ensures salaries are paid on time,
every time.

4 Great reasons to use Sage One for salary payments.

1 )  Save Time
Bank account numbers are automatically validated upon capture in your Sage One Payroll system to avoid last minute rejects on payday.

2 )  More Efficient
Payment batches are sent securely to Sage Pay from Sage One Payroll system, which means no manual uploading and exposure of sensitive payment information.

3)  Flexibility
Our dated payment service ensures that all employees receive payment at the same time.

4)  Save Money
We offer competitive transaction and monthly service fees, which will reduce bank charges.