Chartered Accountant: Nelspruit
Application for: SAICA Training Contract 2024

 Audit        EA/NS24        February 2021

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Brief Description of this Job

This is an application to start your articles with Nexia SAB&T, once you have completed your SAICA HONOURS /CTA/PDGA at an accredited SAICA University.

Application Requirements

The candidate should attach their: certified ID, Matric Certificate, Academic Record to date & CV.

  • Grade 12
  • Proficient on Microsoft Office
  • BCom Accounting Degree ( 1st year of Tertiary Education )


ONLY candidates who are studying Accounting, following the CA stream, through a SAICA accredited University.

Key Responsibilities


  • Participate in audit engagements
  • Work effectively as a team member, sharing responsibility & providing support
  • Communicating and updating senior team members on progress
  • Preparing and attending meetings with target management teams
  • Preparing reports and schedules
  • Develop and maintain productive working relationships with team members
  • Accounts for the entity’s transactions, including non-routine transactions

Nexia SAB&T:

  • Building working relationships with Audit team
  • Contribute towards securing the best talent at the firm
  • Act ethically and in accordance with the rules of professional conduct
  • Engage with the team and ask questions

Your development:

You will serve your articles in our External Audit service line. During this time you will be required to write TWO qualifying Board Exams.

  • 1st exam ( QE1 ): written in January of your first year
  • 2nd exam ( PPE ): written in November of your second year.

You are required to work 3600 core hours during your three years.

You will need to sign a THREE YEAR full term training contract with Nexia SAB&T.