Senior Forensic Consultant / Forensic Manager: Centurion
Closing date for applications: 16 October 2020

Forensic        FOR/PTA/2020        September 2020

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Brief Description of this Job

To investigate the existence or non- existence of possible allegations. This includes the gathering of information, being pro-active in identifying areas of possible risk and providing possible solutions.

Knowledge, Experience and Personal Competencies


  • Matric
  • B. Degree – Criminology / Forensic and Investigative Auditing / Auditing
  • CFE / IFCP
  • Accounting and Auditing background would be advantageous
  • Computer Literate (MS Office)
  • Demonstrates strong technical knowledge
  • Understands systems and processes within organisations
  • Knowledge of professional standards applicable to forensic investigations
  • Knowledge of relevant legislation


  • Minimum of 5 years working experience in a financial forensic environment.
  • People and audit assignment management experience
  • Act impartially on all assignments

Personal Competencies

  • Excellent communication skills (verbal and written)
  • Team player, approachable, receptive to feedback from others
  • Able to convey factual information clearly and effectively
  • Good listening skills, actively clarifying what has been communicated to ensure understanding
  • Able to build rapport at all levels
  • Integrity, honesty and confidentiality
  • Strong analytical capabilities
  • Strong interviewing skills
  • Prioritising, ability to manage time effectively
  • Results orientated, adheres to deadlines
  • Display level of patience and understanding
  • Assertive, able to handle conflict and put forward ideas despite opposition
  • Customer service orientated (internal and external)
  • Self-motivated and energetic

Key Responsibilities

Manage planning of forensic audits:

  • Co-ordination of logistical arrangements
  • Attending briefing sessions
  • Co-elation of proposal material

Manage execution of forensic audits:

  • Conduct research pertaining to the assignment
  • Gathering of relevant documents and evidence; inspection of documentary evidence
  • Gathering relevant information for background and statutory checks
  • Arranging interviews with relevant people concerned
  • Consultation sessions with client personal and possible suspects
  • Obtaining explanations for transactions recorded
  • Capturing records and data for analyses
  • Perform analyses on data and documents obtained
  • Continuous communication with client and partner involved
  • Manage other resources and team involved

Manage reporting process of forensic audits:

  • Provide preliminary reports on aspects investigated
  • Co-elation of exhibit files
  • Proof read reports before submitting to relevant person
  • Quality control in terms of reporting
  • Ability to determine if clients expectations have been met
  • Perform follow up action, dependant on information contained in the report
  • Ability to report findings in concise manner that could be presented for litigation

Forensic consulting:

  • Providing sound advice to clients
  • Provide possible solutions to problems encountered
  • Performing fraud risk assessments
  • Developing fraud prevention plans and strategies


  • Identify opportunities for additional business and marketing
  • Safe custody of client records
  • Collection of proposal documents
  • Transcription of recorded evidence/interviews
  • Translation of Afrikaans documentation
  • Maintenance of budgetary records/documentation
  • Complete timesheets and leave forms
  • Compile schedules of missing documentation
  • Communicate requirements to client personal