Key differentiator

  • Requisite capacity and experience – We have more than 24 years’ industry experience. With a staff compliment of more than 400 in all 9 provinces, we believe we have the industry knowledge, experience, technical qualification, and overall staff capacity.
  • Proven track record – We have performed multiple external audit engagements with various industries
  • Committed and experienced team – We have a committed and experienced team, led by experienced directors
  • Availability & accessibility – We are never to “busy” for and we refuse to “shy” away from our clients. We pride ourselves on our ability to ensure our availability throughout the engagements, whether it is something small or of significant nature, we aim to “get the job done”.

Our service offering:

  • Assurance engagements
  • Limited assurance engagements
  • Audits of Performance Information
  • Performance Audits
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance
  • Specialised Audits (agreed upon procedures / factual findings)

Our staff

Our greatest strength lies in our people and their commitment to exceed our clients’ expectations. To this end, we have invested substantial resources in training our people and employing only the best. A formal system of mentorship, development and performance evaluation system is in place to recognise and reward and to assist further development where this is considered necessary.

Value added services

External audit is an independent appraisal function instituted to evaluate the fair presentation of the financial statements. In this regard, our primary reporting responsibility is to the stakeholders. The latter is the objective and purpose of external audit, but we at Nexia SAB&T believe that value should also be added to audit clients. Our value added service offering includes:

Technical Advice and Interpretations

Nexia SAB&T has a dedicated technical division with skilled and experienced individuals to research topics and formulate opinions on the application of accounting and legislative standards and accounting for corporate structures and actions.

In house developed knowledge management system

The Nexia Knowledge Management Application delivers the latest IFRS information through articles, webinars, e-learning modules, videos and other tools at no additional cost to our clients. This widget includes access to the following: