SAB&T BEE Services is a SANAS accredited verification agency which provides Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) solutions to its clients. SAB&T BEE Services’ team has been involved in the BEE environment from the inception of the Draft Codes of Good Practice, through the period of public feedback, to the gazetting of the final Codes in February 2007.

We are well-versed in the mechanics of the Revised Bee Codes and also understand the background and rationale that inspired them. As one of the first role players in this embryonic industry, SAB&T BEE Services was instrumental in the formation of the local BEE forum and was a founding member of the industry’s professional body – the Association of BEE Verification Agencies (ABVA) now the Association of B-BBEE Professionals(ABP).

The services provided include verification to ensure compliance with the latest applicable codes and a range of consulting services geared to assist clients maximise their B-BBEE status levels. Note verification services and consulting services may not be provided by the same service provider.

B-BBEE Verification

B-BBEE verification requires that SAB&T BEE Services’ analysts check and verify documentation presented by the client – in much the same way as with financial auditing. The process of information gathering is guided by giving the client a comprehensive list of the requirements, and also by checking that sufficient relevant documentation is available to conduct an on-site audit. It is through the examination of such evidence at an on-site audit that a B-BBEE score can be arrived at and a certificate issued.

B-BBEE certificates are valid for a year and hence, all Measured Entities are required to go through this process annually.

B-BBEE Consulting

SAB&T BEE Services’ consultants are able to assist organisations with the development of B-BBEE strategies that comprise practicable, long and short-term goals for each of the evaluation elements that apply to their clients in order to ultimately attain and maintain their desired B-BBEE status levels.

SAB&T BEE Services is able to take on the roles and responsibilities of an in-house B-BBEE Department and provide services that include ensuring all B-BBEE information is kept up-to-date such as:

  • Advising on changes to B-BBEE legislation and/or compliance requirements
  • Identifying opportunities to improve B-BBEE status level through specific actions or initiatives
  • Maintaining a repository of valid supplier status level certificates and following up with suppliers as these near expiration date
  • Maintaining verification evidence in preparation for the next B-BBEE verification
  • Monitoring adherence to B-BBEE targets set for recruitment, procurement, investment and donations etc.
  • Regularly reporting on the achievement of B-BBEE targets set by the organisation
  • B-BBEE Strategy Development

Any company that is consulted to cannot be verified by SAB&T BEE Services, as this would constitute a conflict of interest.

B-BBEE Training

SAB&T BEE Services continues to keep abreast of all the latest changes in B-BBEE environment and regularly provides its clients with updates, at workshops or training sessions.

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