Click here to download our Fraud and Forensics Service line brochure [1862kb].


Nexia SAB&T Forensics is a multi-disciplinary service that helps organisations detect, prevent and combat fraud and corruption through a multiplicity of supportive actions.

The framework which we utilise ensures that our approach is:

  • Holistic
  • Integrated
  • Tailor-made
  • Operates independently but complimentary to existing management and administrative functions of the organisations
  • Subjected to continuous risk assessment
  • Set on reasonable targets with timelines
  • A balanced mixture of prevention, investigation and/or prosecution

All these are supported by comprehensive education, training and awareness programmes.

Our End 2 End – Forensic Service Offering:

  • Forensic Audits / Investigations – Financial and Operational
  • Use of experts – hand writing, polygraph tests etc
  • Evidence handling and security
  • Performing Surveillance and evidence gathering
  • Compiling charges and Testifying in Disciplinary or court proceedings
  • Computer Forensic Investigations
  • Mobile Forensic Services
  • Offer Search and Seizures & Anton Pillar Order Support with regards to e-discovery
  • Image Hub (Obtaining of Electronic Evidence from any media)
  • Provide & Support E-discovery Software (Computer or Web Based)
  • Data analytics / Forensic Image Analysis
  • R & D (Research and development)
  • Data Recovery
  • Document scanning and conversion into electronic format (OCR)
  • Forensic Sanitation (Cleaning HDD’s forensically)
  • Forensic Readiness Assessment / IT security Reviews
  • Systems penetration testing – White or Black Box ethical hacking
  • System Vulnerability Assessments
  • Cyber security Testing including Unified Security Management Platform